Holiday Romance best fake lashes to buy

The holiday romance is whispered about over coffee at the office, bragged about at the pub and dreamt about by those embarking on a trip of a lifetime. So, how do we know when that ‘lingering gaze’ or ‘accidental touch’ means something… more best fake lashes to buy?

The short answer is, we don’t unless we’re very observant, or fortunate enough to come across that rare, ultra confident person who puts themselves in the line of fire for rejection, saying, “to hell with the consequences”, in order to tell you they  best fake lashes to buy want you. (Bless you, ultra confident people of the world).

This is a conversation I’ve had many times, with males and females, with regard to romances, and the lack thereof, due to self-inhibitions. It seems to be particularly relevant to travel romances because of the limited timeframe – a fact used to either jump in head first, or hesitate so long the moment is swept out with the tide.

If you find your inner awareness has taking itself for a holiday also, leaving you alone with a very unreliable and insecurity ridden ego, here, from a non-psychiatrist, non-clinical point of view, are some signs that someone is very, very into you.

(Or not… ).

Obvious Signs from Women

best fake lashes to buy
best fake lashes to buy

The Hair Flick

Yes, a cliché, but true all the same. Most women  best fake lashes to buy I know can’t help but play with, twirl or bring attention to their hair when they’re attracted to a man. It could, also, be a sign of nervousness, but there’s a reason for the nerves, right?


Vital! A woman will not make extended eye contact with a man she’s not interested in. In fact, this is absolutely crucial. If a woman’s eyes are flicking everywhere but on the man she’s talking to – it means she wants to be elsewhere. (Note – this does not include looking down every so often, batting of best fake lashes to buy and nervously looking up from under the eyelashes to gain contact again – this is a form of outright seduction).

Personal Space

If a woman wants you, she will be within 15cm of your personal space. If not – especially if she’s taking gigantic steps backwards each time you approach – you either have very bad breath, or she’s just not into you. Or both, most likely.


Yes, women will laugh at bad jokes if they’re attracted to a man. Because, in the woman’s eyes, they’re not bad jokes, they’re an extension of the lively, enthusiastic personality of a man. Always a winner. Rolling of the eyes means the opposite – take note and stop telling  best fake lashes to buy jokes. Or think of better ones.


Many women can be ‘touchy feely’ types. Having said that, it’s rare that we as human beings want to touch anything we’re not attracted to. Generally – a good sign.

Obvious Signs from Men

I’m not a man, so this is second hand information from first best fake lashes to buy hand observation…

Eye Contact

Again, vital! If a man is making intense eye contact with you, or is nervously glancing away whenever you catch him making intense eye contact with you – it is an obvious sign of attraction. It’s all about the visual, right?

Body Direction

When attracted to someone, most people will point their feet, upper body and hands in the direction of that someone. This is usually a subconscious gesture. Watch out for it. That, or males hooking their fingers into their belt buckles while splaying their legs… hmmm. Obvious much?

Auto Erotic Touching

Is he touching his cheek? Rubbing his chin? Playing with his watch? This is not all he’s thinking about playing with if he’s maintaining eye contact with you while doing so…

The Interest Factor

Just quietly, if a man is acutely interested in your life, hobbies, friends, family – and asks a billion questions – it means he’s interested in you.

It’s all about the Laugh

Men will joke with women, tease women and generally act like chimpanzees if they think they’re in with a chance – even, if they just like you as a friend. The thing to look out for is goofiness, and an all round extreme ability to embarrass themselves. This can mean they are trying too hard – and there’s a reason for that.

The Biggest Giveaway, Scientifically at Least

Pupil Dilation. Apparently, our pupils become best fake lashes to buy bigger when in the company of something, or someone, we’re attracted to. Do make sure you take into account the lack of light in the room though…

Even armed with the above clues, being straight up and honest is easier – especially when travelling. In fact, that’s the beauty of being able to return to your own country -you’ll never (hopefully) have to see them again – that is, if you do have to face the dreaded ‘rejection’. If you do, there’s a lesson in everything, and, more likely, the lesson is for the person not up for the challenge of a new experience. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

best fake lashes to buy
best fake lashes to buy

So, peel off your work socks, practice  best fake lashes to buy awareness and observation… and confidently dip your toes into the great unknown, knowing you have to actually look to find the hidden cave of treasure


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