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Full, long, thick and luscious individual lashes are considered to be the mark of a very beautiful woman. Beautiful women, since the media first became significant, have always been portrayed as having thick and full eyelashes. However, not every woman is born with such perfect eyelashes and some even lose their perfection due to some disease or accident. Fortunately, these women do not have to live out their lives without being considered beautiful because there is now a properly approved eyelash regenerating therapy available to them. This therapy is based around the drug known as Latisse, which is completely approved by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration.

Even so, as the therapy and the drug are new to the market, there is a lot of skepticism. In order to cater to all questions pertaining to Latisse, the following is an unbiased review of the same.

The manufacturers of Latisse:

individual lashes
individual lashes

The drug Latisse is manufactured by a company known as Allergan, which is a multi-specialty pharmaceutical company. Allergan is mainly known for being the producer of the now famous Botox, which is used to treat wrinkles. It is worth noting that Allergan is a firm that has been operating for more than 60 years.

The composition of the Latisse drug:

The active ingredient or in simpler words, the prime ingredient of the drug Latisse is bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is a drug that is also approved by the FDA. It is primarily used to treat glaucoma and manage ocular pressure. However, herein, Allergan has used the ingredient’s primary side effect to great effect. The side effect of bimatoprost is hair growth. Consequently, it is the active ingredient in Latisse. Other ingredients of the drug include purified water, citric acid, dibasic, sodium phosphate, sodium chloride and benzalkonium chloride.

The details of the Latisse therapy:

The Latisse therapy is long-winded as the drug’s effects are slow. Resultantly, the advised period for the therapy is eight weeks or two months. The application of Latisse is also specific. The drug is applied to the base of the upper individual lashes on the outer side with a special applicator every day. The applicator is sterile and disposable.

The benefits of using Latisse:

The biggest benefit of using the Latisse treatment for enhancing a person’s individual lashes is the fact that it relatively cheap therapy and not very cumbersome. The drug is minimally priced at 120 dollars, especially when compared against other products falling under the same category. Furthermore, apart from minor side effects in some people, Latisse has had a very steady record since its inception. The official website of the drug has detailed information pertaining to it.

The potential problems of using Latisse:

Although smnta  in most cases Latisse is successful in its goal, its results are seen after long use. This can be irritating for many people looking for quick results. In some cases, the Latisse therapy has even taken up to four months to show results. In addition to this, there are certain side effects of which all users should be aware. Most side effects seen from Latisse come in the form of allergic reactions to the drug. Therefore, before usage, proper consultation with a doctor is highly recommended. The following is a list of all the allergic reactions that can occur.

1. Redness of the eye.
2. Itching at the application site.
3. Dryness of eye.
4. Lashes falling out.

Also, there have been some cases of people complaining of hyperpigmentation at the application site. Hyperpigmentation can be best described as the darkening of the region where the drug is applied.

All side effects listed above are allergic in nature. This means that after the use of the Latisse drug is stopped, the condition of the application site and the eye go back to how it was before the treatment began. Furthermore, as Latisse is a prescription drug, it becomes mandatory for a person to consult a doctor before using it. Therefore, there are no long lasting dangers related to the use of the Latisse therapy.

The biggest flaw of the Latisse drug therapy, however, is the fact that its effects are not lasting. In different words, the therapy needs to continue for the full, thick and luscious individual lashes to remain in place. This is a big disadvantage and the majority of users seem to agree with the assessment.

Conclusion of the quality of Latisse:

individual lashes
individual lashes

While Latisse is an extremely successful drug, the need for continuous use can put off many people.

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