Love Quotes Metallic Scarves

The high end and boutique scarf market in the last year has been cornered by a fairly new label called Love Quotes Scarves. Their pieces have been seen draped around the necks of just about every starlet, with Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Lauren Conrad and Rachel lashes glue being some of the most constant followers. The line has also gained a following of real world women, who love collecting the scarves in multiple colors. This year, the brand introduced two new styles, including the Love Quotes Metallic Scarves which are sure to be a Holiday must have for Love Quotes Scarves collectors and new comers a like.

So what makes the Love Quotes Metallic Scarves great? The metallic shimmer, of course! These scarves are made with the same high quality italian linen that everyone has come to love. But the main difference is they’re threaded with lashes glue, which gives them a subtle shimmer in the light. And that’s the great thing about these scarves; they’re not garrish, too bold or even glittery — in fact the shimmer gives it a classic and elegant touch.

lashes glue
lashes glue

The Love Quotes metallic scarves come in six different colors; bouqet, yoga, new earth, peace, dune and beach, and surprisingly all of them are light colors. Most of these colors aren’t new to the brand, but they all are enhanced by the addition of the lurex shimmer.

Smnta is the newest color out of the bunch. This color made it’s debut in the summer of 2009 when Love Quotes introduced their Boyfriend Scarfs (a narrower cut scarf with shorter, “eyelash” fringe). It’s a light, salmon shad of pink. This is one of the colors from the line that the lashes glue compliments the best. It’s very girly and is perfect for the primp and proper girl. This scarf looks great with little black dresses and khaki trench lashes glue.

Then there’s Yoga, a bright white color that’s stands out from a mile away. Again, the shimmer compliments the color in an amazing way, and “blends” so it almost doesn’t look like the lurex is a different color. It looks like snow draped around your neck. Wear it with just about anything, but it’s best paired against bright colors.

Then there’s New Earth love quotes metallic scarf, which is sort of a light gun metal gray, and out of this line it’s the one that works the best with the shimmer. This scarf truly looks “metallic”, since it’s lashes glue to begin with. But this particular shade of gray stands out because there’s something slightly different about it.

lashes glue
lashes glue

There’s also Peace, which is your traditional light gray/silver. Like New Earth, it also looks metallic overall because of the color. This is perfect to wear with a black tunic and gray leggings.

Lastly from the love quotes lashes glue scarves line, there’s Beach, which is an off white/cream color. The metallic thread adds something new and fun to this scarf. It looks great with any clothes or accessories in earth tones

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