Skincare and Beauty Trends for 2012

Skincare, beauty and Mother Nature have combined for the 2012 season, with a strong premium mink lashes towards earth-friendly materials, packaging and themes emerging this year.

According to leading industry skincare and make-up experts the spate of natural disasters in the past few years and an increase in interest in environmental issues have sparked a revolution in skincare and beauty products, prompting the creation of lines that honor the earth and its natural beauty.

One trend that has hit the catwalks at the recent Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karen fashion shows is the use of a chalk inspired palette. The white, porous and tactile nature of chalk has been used to add structure and texture to make-up and skincare products, with pale colors being used on premium mink lashes and in powders.

premium mink lashes
premium mink lashes

The element of sand with its gritty texture and warm palette has inspired a range of grinding powders and brown and beige make-up combinations with pebble and stone packaging. Mineral masks and rock inspired packaging will also be making an appearance on the market in 2012, as will refined mud masks and root plant inspired hair treatments. These will include bulbous roots, vegetables, ginger, onions and tubers. Messy, nested hair is also expected to make an appearance on the catwalks.

Water is an important element in this year’s skincare and beauty trends. The inspiration can be seen in the fluid aqua and blue shades that are being included in eye shadows. Nanotechnology is also being used to infuse make-up and skincare products with transparency, hydrating properties and refreshing mother of pearl blue-green tones.

Smnta-precious crystals have inspired a range of rose quartz and amethyst tones, with opalescent shadows being packaged in irregular crystalline shapes. Gold makes a welcome return to runway make-up, but now it is being mixed up with blues, purples and other heavy metals. Gold accents are being used under the eyes and nutricosmetics with gold as an integral ingredient are becoming increasingly more popular.

premium mink lashes
premium mink lashes

Honey hues will be seen on lips and combined with skincare products to enhance healing properties. Ash tones and incandescent flame hues have been inspired by volcanoes and will be used extensively with the smudged and smoky look this season.

The return to nature concept has been wholeheartedly embraced, with beauty houses including natural ingredients in their skincare product range. It is a trend that is certain to dominate the 2012 beauty and fashion seasons.

Jennifer Hughs is the pen name for the health and premium mink lashes writer who is compensated by Value Marketing, Inc. d/b/a Lab88. The author has 20+ years in the cosmetic and health industries and has worked with leading beauty and health publications.

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